Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The sacred blue blanket.....

I try not to worry about my kids. 3 boys. Boo boos are to be expected, although I do pray they don't end up with broken bones and permanent disabilities........but I don't spend much or any time thinking about that stuff. As a mom....I worry about me, you know little things like heart failure, but not the kids. I think most of my worry energies are centered around my business....which I am trying to give to God, but in the event he isn't paying attention or he isn't handling my stuff with the sense of urgency I would like, I often take those worries back and deal with them myself. I'm sure I'm far more organized and effecient than God, right? Well, no.....but it's my human nature. I'm wired to be in control.

Asher is wired to be in control also. I recall during my baby shower for him (before he was born), that my dear friend Tina gave me 4 burp cloths, from Baby Gap, all packaged together. I recall her apologizing to me that it wasn't what she REALLY wanted to give me. 3 1/2 years later, 2 of those burp cloths are the most valuable and prized items we own in our entire household. They are Ashers' security! And that is certainly an understatement.

His first favorite was the blue one. Later he switched to a striped one. The striped one got lost and he went back to the blue one. He carries it all through the house. He sleeps with it. Asher sucks his thumb when he is tired....and he literally cannot coordinate his thumb to go into his mouth, if he is not holding the blue blanket. It's insanely ridiculous, but it is what it is. We are awakened in the middle of the night, sometimes to screaming from Asher......"I CAN'T FIND MY BLUE BLANKET, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!". It is the most dramatic thing you've ever heard. Simply devastating. He used to call it "bunkie", but has matured now and it is simply his "blue blanket".

This morning, I heard screams coming from my bathroom that could only mean a couple of things. Some possibilities: (a) I've just seen a spider the size of my head (b) my underwear is on fire (c) Brisket has fallen into the potty and is drowing (d) i pee'd on my blue blanket. Well, if you guessed (d) you'd be correct. You would have thought he found the beloved family pet headless. Asher was literally mourning. See, he can't even handle me washing the blue blanket, because of the separation anxiety. At the moment, it is in the washing machine, and I had to go out to the car to retrieve the "car blanket", which is just like the blue blanket, but it isn't blue. Asher is managing for the moment. He has told me "mommy i am going to miss my blue blanket so much" "i just love my blue blanket and i miss it". It's pitiful. I plan to get some video of the reunion later and hopefully it will be good enough to post here. Asher has lost control. Oh my.

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