Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No McDreamy

When I decided to help a client today, to clean out her house so that the buyer would actually buy it this afternoon, my intentions were good. I could see she needed help. I wanted to help. I also wanted it to be over....selfishly, because I enjoy getting paid for my hard work. About 2 hours into the elbow grease, cleaning out closets, throwing out tons of trash, and working up a sweat.....I carried several bags of garbage to the curb....one of which had broken glass and sliced my calf open. Yea....it's every bit as gross as it sounds.

I looked down at my leg and saw mostly blood. And then I saw yucky stuff that isn't supposed to show and realized I was going to need to be sown up. A few wet paper towels and a creative turniquite (sp???) later, I was driving myself to the ER. It didn't hurt. I even felt kinda brave and strong. I never cried. I just acted like, hey, my leg is falling off...and it's no big deal. I'm so cool. A little paperwork, a tetanus shot, a thorough cleaning and some waiting......... I got to thinking....what if there is a McDreamy here? Oh yea, that would be nice. Now, I know I'm a married woman.....but I was in the ER with my leg falling off, and surely I could be fortunate enough to be treated by Patrick Dempsey...right? I was a little disappointed.....here I am....my big trip to the ER, and there were no gunshot wounds, no bombs in a chest cavity, no pregnant men, and no McSteamy. Just some sweet nurses and a nice doctor who sowed me up. He was McCutie at best, or McSweetie. I was out in 2 hours, with my massive 2 inch wound sown up with all of 6 stitches, and wrapped in gauze and an Ace bandage. No McDreamy. Oh well.

Now, in all seriousness........I am incredibly grateful that it was a slow day in the ER. I could have been surrounded by sadness and fear, and that would have broken my heart. I'm so happy there were no gunshot wounds, no exploding chest cavities, etc. Thank you God for a peaceful afternoon in the ER. And thank you God that it was my leg and not someone else's.

Hi Mom. I'm fine. Don't you love hearing about my boo-boo's in this format? Cool, huh?


Anonymous said...

glad you okay...if you'd seen mcdreamy i might have inflicted a wound to catch a glimpse myself! :)

Pete Wilson said...

Ouch...Glad you're ok