Monday, May 26, 2008

back from another country

We only drove 5 hours to get to our holiday destination, a Memorial Day family reunion, but it is like another world in many ways. Ever heard of Lake City, Arkansas? Didn't think so! (Well, except for all my family that reads my blog and never leaves comments.....) But for the rest of you..... Lake City is a tiny town. I'm not even sure its incorporated. My mom's family started there, and most have moved away. But this weekend was a reason to go back. My cousin Bruce and his wife and kids have built a new home on the Robertson farm. My family and I got to stay at the main house, which is an incredibly beautiful old farm house. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed that. Asher absolutely loved it. I'm not sure what he loved....unless it was just the whole darn thing....people everywhere, tons of kids, snacks, and outdoor fun that never stopped. He just kept saying "mommy i really love this whole house". It was the sweetest thing. I loved that it was small, cozy, and felt like home. It felt like a real home...and I should know....I show houses and sell houses. I have been inside of some million dollar homes that I couldn't wait to get out of because everything was perfect and cold and untouchable. Yea, like a museum. But don't get me wrong, I have also been in some million dollar homes that I never wanted to leave......because they were a perfect mess and filled with love. Anyhoo...the farm house.....beautiful, inside and out. This house had a spirit about it, a tender sweet spirit. It was a house that welcomed anyone. Shawn crawled all over the porches until he was covered in dirt. Asher ran barefoot from one house to the next, playing with turtles and frogs. He was in heaven. I honestly don't think I've ever seen him have more fun than he had this weekend.

Today, before coming back home, we drove to Paragould, Arkansas. Ever heard of it? Naaa, didn't think so. We went to visit my 2nd cousin Larry and his family. I didn't even really know Larry until about 6 or 7 years ago. He's in his mid-late 60's. He IS a cowboy, and wears his cowboy hat daily. Larry and his family live in an old farm house, on a gravel road. Their street name is just a number. They live on 804, in Greene County. They have so much land that as far as you can see in all directions, it is theirs. It is breathtaking. They have too many horses to count. They have dogs of every breed (almost). Today we got to play with a baby raccoon and 2 baby squirrels. But mostly, we just got to "be". I enjoy Larry. His family is close and sweet. He has many children and grandchildren. They are really country folk....and I wonder if they even know how good their life is. Once again, Asher had a blast and he did NOT want to leave. I really didn't either. Larry and I connected several years ago and just haven't let go. I'm not sure what it is, but I am glad that it is. I wish I had taken pictures today. I was just enjoying myself too much to think about it.

Here are a few photos from yesterday in Lake City....very happy boys.


Pete Wilson said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you guys got to get away.

Anonymous said...

We did the backyard pool thing this weekend, I just put Brewer in in a swimmy (true Southern style) you were much better prepared with swimming trunks!

Lori K said...

Those places sound wonderful!! I am such a country girl at heart and really miss my little hometown in West TN. Also, just wanted to let you know that I have heard of Paragould - no clue exactly where it is within AR, but have heard of it!!

Your boys are growing into such fine young men. They're both precious and CUTE! You are more than welcome to bring them out to visit us in Pegram, you know, "the country"!! :)