Tuesday, May 13, 2008

prayers of a toddler

Today, I decided to take Asher on some of my work errands with me, and then to lunch with my good friend, Henri. Shawn was home with Daddy, having a special day.

In the car, on the way to wherever......Asher and I were talking, and I decided to tell him that I hadn't prayed to God in a few days and that when I go for a while without praying, I feel really sad. Asher then shared some of his theology with me....you know.....about how God wants us to pray, and do good things, eat our broccoli, be healthy, and play at the Pegram playground. I was really into his message, when he decided that he wanted to pray to God right then. Remember....I was driving. Asher told me I needed to bow my head and I convinced him we'd be safer if I didn't. He agreed, and told me that he was going to bow his head anyway. He got quiet, and the prayer was not much above a whisper, but this is what I heard.....and I'm not exaggerating the sweet or the funny.

Dear God. Thank you God for the gifts we have and for the love we have. Thank you God for jeeps, trains, the Pegram playground and the river. (whisper whisper whisper).... please take care of Shawns' heart. Thank you for the trees, and for jeeps. Jesus name. Amen.

Then Asher told me it was my turn, so I prayed. Asher told me that my prayer made his so happy......and that is probably because I gushed and gushed over God sending us sweet Asher, in addition to some other matters that needed tending between JC and me.

THEN.........since Asher has been on a lying spree, I took the opportunity to teach him about how God want to forgive us, and that is why he sent Jesus to us. He so acted like he understood. We'll see. : )


Pete Wilson said...

What a great story Melissa. I think it's so important to take advantage of these opportunities to teach our children. You're such a great mom!

Karen Bell said...

This story made me cry. For a 3yr old, Asher has such a passion for prayer. I love watching him during prayer time. Keep raising him to be a pray warrior.