Monday, May 12, 2008

The lesson in lying

It's official. My sweet, precious, beautiful, vivacious, animated, loving, dear, wild, Asher, is not perfect! He L I E S.

Two lies.
One yesterday.
One today.
Both involved food.

Yesterday crackers disappeared. The conversation was simple and straightforward:
Mommy: Asher, did you eat your crackers?
Asher: Yes mommy, I ate them all gone.
Mommy: Are you sure?
Asher: Yes mommy, I told you I ate them.
Family dog: scarf, scarf, ummm, yum yum
Mommy: Asher....why is Sammy behind the TV eating your crackers?
I won't tell you the rest of the conversation.....but it had to do with me telling Asher all about lying......while he cried and begged for my forgiveness. I forgave him.

Tonight, Asher was finishing his dinner at the table while we carried on (he's a slow eater). Joe notices the dog suddenly interested in the copper I have displayed on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in the kitchen. Here's the conversation:
Daddy: Asher, did you put some food in the copper?
Asher: No daddy, I ate all my food.
Daddy: Are you sure?
Asher: Yes Daddy, I told you I ate all my food.
Joe opens the copper and finds chicken and green beans.
Daddy: Asher, you L I E D to me!
Asher: Cries, cries, drama, drama.... m e l t d o w n.

Do you remember your child's first lie? I'd love to hear about it! Or do you remember the first lie you told? Tell me.


Monica said...

Oh my, sadly I can't remember the first time. Probably because Adam will tell little lies all the time and he was very young, like 4. I remember though at first not knowing if I should be happy, that he was so darn smart to figure out how to lie to me or be sad that yes, even my sweet innocent Adam had been corrupted by the world~

Julie said...

I was just reading something about development that said that around age 3-4, it's common for children to tell "lies," but that because they are trying to figure everything out, sometimes it's more that they say what they WISH the outcome is...thinking that makes it true. I'm starting to ask my 4 yr old now, "Ethan, is that what you wish happened? or is that what really happened?" Still, it's so interesting to see them change!