Sunday, May 18, 2008

Imagine all the people........

I've been meaning to post for some time, about Asher's imaginary friends and pets.

Asher has been making up people for a while...well, mostly animals. He has had a pet baby elephant off and on for many months. She hasn't had a name, but she is a she....and she sleeps a lot, so Asher asks for us to be quiet so we don't wake her up. About a month ago, Asher began talking about his friend. I can't wait to tell you his friends name.....(drum roll)......his name is Brisket. I LOVE IT! On most days, Brisket is a small boy, but he is bigger than Asher. They do quite a lot together, including playing outside and with trains and fire trucks. Brisket does not live with us....he has a family that loves him. (Amen) And Brisket does not occupy a chair at our table or anything like that....but he is all up in Ashers head, and they are busy together. Usually Asher will admit that he is "pretending", but when I ask if Brisket is real or pretend, Asher insists he is real...and he will not back down from that position. We just go along with it. I hope that isn't unhealthy.

We've also recently learned that Asher has a pet bird named "Slobby" and a pet rabit named "Cargo". We never knew about Slobby until Joe and Asher were outside one day and saw a flock of birds flying overhead. Asher jumped and shouted and pointed to Slobby as if he hadn't seen him in forever, and was so relieved. It was instant and automatic....not as if he was trying to make up a story. Cargo just appeared in the past week or so, but when I asked Asher this morning if Cargo was doing okay, he told me he doesn't have any more pets. Then I inquired about Slobby, and he said he does still have Slobby but that he isn't here right now.

I'm not sure when and how Asher makes up this things. He is not in daycare or pre-school. I know what he's watching on TV...and there is no slobby, Cargo, or who knows? They are not in any of the millions of books that we read either. But I love watching his imagination run wild. Mabye Asher will always be extremely creative. ; )


Holly Black said...

Hi Melissa!
As an only child, I had many imaginary friends. One in particular was named "Peter" (I think this had something to do with the Brady Bunch kid) and he did occupy a place at the table! My mother consulted my pediatrician who said that studies have shown that children with imaginary friends have higher IQs than kids who don't! I bet Asher is not only creative, but highly intelligent. His friends sound very fun!

Pete Wilson said...

love it!