Thursday, May 15, 2008

God did it!

So.... God has been super busy in our house these days.

Shawn is learning to stand by himself. It's not a new trick, but one that is still not perfected. We clap and go crazy to encourage him. A few days ago....Asher said..."look mommy, shawn is standing up! me, God and Jesus are teaching him how!". That Asher....what a funny boy....but yes, all credit to God and Jesus for helping my sweet baby learn to stand.

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner. I think I have posted about that before. I always cook the pancakes, and Joe takes care of the cheesy eggs, and whatever else. I have been having a bad headache today (subsided at the moment thanks to 500mg ibuprofen). Asher asked me to make the pancakes and I told him Daddy would. Asher was NOT happy with that unhappy in fact that his statement was..."no mommy i don't like that plan!". Well, the only way I could get Asher to let me off the hook was to tell him that I would bless Daddy with the secret special magic so that God would teach Daddy how to make the pancakes. Asher said..."oh, well, okay then!". Worked like a charm! Is that bad? Please recall I had a headache...and that typically will make me do strange things! : )


Holly Black said...

I have really been enjoying your blog! I think your response was funny and creative. Just the fact that you were having a FAMILY dinner is awesome! Such a rare thing in this fast paced world. You are a great Mom!

Tam said...

I agree with Holly 100%! Great job!

We love Breakfast fro dinner. My man usually makes the pancakes and I do the scrambled cheesy eggs with sliced ham in there. YUM!!!

And I just wanted to say about stopping by my's not too late to run and save yourself =) it could get dangerous over there.


No. I love the Lord passionately and I LOVE to enjoy life. HE is good!

Thanks for stopping by!