Saturday, May 17, 2008

belly laugh

Shawn is almost 17 months old. He has finally finally started laughing. It is beautiful, and I hope to capture it on video soon. I have been waiting for this. So, many things have come more slowly, but Shawn is doing so well. His laughter is incredible. It is infectious. I found myself sitting in the floor this morning with both the little boys crawling all over me and just wondering.....does it get any better than this? I think not....

Well, addition to the two little ones showing me love.....Spencer (all 19 years of his age) jumped in on the action and gave me 50 kisses on my cheek. He didn't want to be outdone by the little ones. So if there is anything better than 2 little ones crawling all over me and giving me would be all 3 of them. Yay me!

Random......our lawn mower broke and will not be fixed for a couple more weeks. Anyone want to come mow our lawn for not very much money? Just askin....

Congrats to my most recent happy clients. Jenni is moving into her new house today and getting married soon to Matt! Congrats to both! Also, Sherry is moving to Alaska next week! I'm so excited for them all.

Today I put new batteries in our solar lights outdoors. I highly recommend We got a great price on the batteries, including shipping.

I showed 8 houses in North Nashville today. It is so exciting to see the growth and revitalization in that area. The new homes over there are so cool.....really! High end fixtures, great floor plans, urban area, and great prices. It was a very fun morning and I hope we find a new home for Misty that she and her daughter will love! I'm driving to Burns tonight to show Lee and Kristine's house, and I'm showing Tina and Billy's house tomorrow! I pray these houses sell soon so everyones new chapters can begin! I do love my career!

Ok, other than the mud I've had to clean up from the carpet and telling you all about my bill paying today....I think I've accurately documented most of my day so far.

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