Thursday, May 1, 2008

New photos is my Eastern Snowball bush that I planted 3 summers ago. This past summer, I thought the draught killed her...even though I watered and watered. I came so close to yanking this dead thing out of the ground a couple of weeks ago. When I came back from FL, it showed evidence of life. Thank God I didn't throw her away.

See....isn't she sweet and pretty?

Ok, and speaking of sweet and is my precious Amaya. She's my lunch buddy. This week I'm going on Friday to watch her Field Day at school. I'm excited and hope that she has so much fun. There is also a photo here of Amaya's friend D'Aishia...who also has lunch with us occasionally!

Last but not are my sweet Asher and sweet Shawn. Shawn is loving his chow time!

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