Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Tennessee? Why NOT Tennessee?

Good morning. It is Thursday, I think. Yep, that is probably correct. Things are spinning in my head like that big wheel on Wheel of Fortune, and I have no idea from one moment to the next where that big needle will stop and what I will think, feel or do. It's anybody's guess. Bankrupt? $1? Jackpot?'s a crap shoot anyway.

So, where was I?

I poured sugar on my paper towel this morning instead of into my coffee. That paper towel just wasn't sweet enough. You is moving on every second of every day. There are just more messes these days.

All of my family knows by now that while we are in Nashville where we just experienced a 1,000 year family and our house are all okay. It is very odd though because we live in a series of subdivisions (3 side by side) that were utterly devastated. Hundreds of houses in our neighborhood were destroyed. It is just unreal. And, to top it off, my hubs works at Gaylord Opryland Hotel which was also destroyed. It feels a little bit like the days after 9/11, in the fear of being surrounded by terrorists preparing for another attack. Only this time, the terrorist was a gabazilliontrillion rain drops.

Joe has been tirelessly serving at Gaylord. I started a small scale food ministry from my kitchen. I am out of food and more than out of money (can you say RED?) however I believe that some donations are coming for me to continue. It's not realistic for me to go and help demo or clean with these 2 little I will just serve from my kitchen the best that I can. Driving around and handing out food humbling. I cannot describe here the facial expressions and the hope that some eyes speak to me when I say, "want a hot meal?". It's too much.

Spencer has been getting muddy. He helps anybody with anything. Yesterday he drove around in his SUV with the window down and pulled up to people working at their destroyed homes (everyone is in the demo process right now) and he would say, "hey i'm 21 and have a shovel...need help?" A couple of people plesantly declined as they had so much help already...and then someone said "come on then!" And so he went. It made me happy to see him all muddy. It made him happy too. A couple of days ago he loaded his truck with muddy junk and drove it to the dump. Talk about hunkering down and really getting in the trenches with people....this is it. In some regards, this is war. It is war against mold and mildew. It is war against river gunk. It's a war against rotting wood and soggy drywall. But more than anything, it is a war against hopelessness. People need to know that they can and will survive. They need to know that they are loved by a big God and that they are even loved by total strangers.

I didn't know that help from FEMA meant small interest loans. Gee, how generous. What about the people who cannot afford the loan to begin with? I guess they walk away without even rebuilding. It's just sad.

My understanding is that every Nashville landmark is under water. From Gaylord to the Opry House to the Historic Ryman Auditorium. The Titans Stadium became a swimming pool, the Symphony Center and the Country Music Hall of Fame all got a muddy bath.

On the road to get to my subdivision a young man drowned and floated away. Nearby an elderly couple tried to escape their car that was flooding and each drifted off and drowned. A few people have still not been located.

Did you ever imagine that your ATT&T 3G digital service would fail to work? Yea, me neither. I thought 3G was da'bomb. Evidently this bomb can't hold up to rain.

My new normal for now is a mind that is completely obsessed with flood images and a heart that is dying to help and serve, trying, but feeling helpless all the same.

Over 50 counties were flooded. That is over 1/2 of our entire state. In a similar way to Katrina, people were stranded on their roofs and being rescued by helicopters and boats.

Ok, I'm finished rambling about all of this. I just needed to purge some of this stuff. I am still numb and in shock. Haven't cried yet. The closest I get to crying is when the helicopters fly over us, and then I realize that the country is watching. But I am so proud to be a Tennessean. The volunteerism here is just unbelievable. It is precious and priceless. Needless to say, we are so incredibly grateful that none of our personal property or belongings have been damaged. We are beside ourselves with the grace and mercy of that. I know that I am just shocked.

All I know in my heart for sure to be true is that God is in charge and He works out all things for His Kingdom purposes for good. His son is His glory and I believe that many people will have their faith strengthened through this, some will meet Jesus for the first time, and still others will be humbled to know that HE is God and they are not. Our things may decay in the murky waters and our temporary shelters will prove to not be built on solid foundation. But all things built on the rock of salvation in the sweet name of Jesus, stands forever.

Fatima has found the truck and should have it by 5/21. yay! I will update more on her when I can. I do not have internet access at home but am able to borrow the internet from my dear friend, Sharon every few days.

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Sarah said...

I'm so, so thankful you guys and your home are okay. I loved hearing about Spencer going around and helping strangers. Great kid!!