Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Announcement

Ok, so I'll go ahead and admit upfront that this post is just a teaser. I'm not actually making a big announcement today, but I will soon. Until then, I'm going to share some of my amazing professional journey with you....mostly because I want to remind it to myself.

But here is a quick explanation of what I am not going to announce.

I am not pregnant.

I am not moving to Africa.

I am not ill.

I am not quitting Real Estate.

I am not getting a divorce.

Ok, so having eased your curiosities there, here is where my journey begins. This announcement will require several posts over the next few days, and my primary purpose to is explore, share and appreciate all of the jobs that God has led me through. When I look back on this journey, it all makes sense to me. I love the God weaves the trails His direction.


I was not an exceptional student in high school, although I was at the top of every "smart" list in elementary and junior high. By high school I just struggled to get by. Life was hard and as far as academics went, I was a bare minimum kinda girl. Those of you who know me well probably have a hard time fathoming that description, but its true.

As a young single mom I put myself through college where I earned a Bachelors of Business Administration. I excelled at everything. It was the most productive period of life. I raised a child (with help), worked like a slave and studied like a woman who was aiming for the top. It was during these years that I waited tables, both in a very popular chain restaurant and also at a very fast-paced sports bar. It was those years as a server that taught me how to serve. Sounds simple, right? Well, not all servers are actually there to serve you. You know this sometimes when you go out to eat and your server fails to refill your beverages, check on your satisfaction, or meet your basic needs. I learned how to serve and to serve well. I learned how to conform to a variety of personalities. I learned how to fit the mold that my customers wanted. If they wanted me to be part of their experience, I was. If they wanted me not to speak unless spoken to, I'd keep my mouth shut. If they wanted me to memorize their orders so I'd know exactly what they want the next time without having to ask....i could do that too. Honestly, as a restaurant server, I rocked. I could balance heavy trays way up in the air and practically skate with grace through the establishment. I could carry 4 pitchers of beer in one hand, 8 at one time if I needed to. (This won me several proposals). I earned big tips. I could comfort. I could entertain. I could be invisible. I could practically read minds. I learned in that career how to take care of people, the way they wanted to be taken care of. I was often told I had a gift. It seemed silly at the time, but I look back now and I can see exactly what God was developing in me. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't served as a waitress for 4 years. be continued

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