Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Big Announcement - part 2

When I graduated from college, I officially went out in search of a "real job". The truth is, waiting tables is about as real of a job as you can have. It is demanding and challenging on many levels, and it does after all, pay "real" money. I was always a little perturbed when my job as a server was treated as though it wasn't a real one. It paid the bills and raised my oldest son, in addition to teaching me heaps of skills and virtues.

My first non-waitressing job out of college was that of an Employment Recruiter at a staffing agency. I actually went there to find temp work, and was hired to hire people instead. It was there that I learned about searching, finding, counseling and training. Basically, I learned recruiting. I only worked there for about 8 months and I don't remember why I wasn't happy....but I know I left with some knowledge, skills and interest. The greatest realization that I made at that job was that the real corporate world wasn't made up of "Amanda's" on Melrose Place. The real corporate world is made up of everyday people who can do spectacular and amazing work. All it takes is the right mindset, dedication to knowledge, and teamwork I learned that anyone can be fabulous and anyone can be successful. They just have to want it, and go for it. Tight skirts, blonde hair, blue eyes, and big boobs is not the basic requirement.

.....to be continued...

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