Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer (& a truck update)

I guess our summer is officially beginning after tomorrow. The boys will be finished with school and will have a couple of weeks at home before they return to just a 1 day per week program for 8 weeks. I cannot believe my Tater Tot will start Kindergarten in August. That seems impossible. Oh my goodness.

Yesterday we all got haircuts and the boys got new Crocs for the summer. I fought the Crocs mentally, but I gave in. They are easy and nearly indestructible. Mostly, I'm just being lazy. But at least I'm honest. We also bought Asher a bicycle. He has never had a new one. We bought a used one about a year ago and that thing has been trouble. The chain is always falling off, etc. Asher is almost 5 1/2 and it's really time for him to have a bike that is the right size, and one that is durable. I'm ready to teach him how to ride without the training wheels. I'm nervous....but ready. He is very excited. If weather permits today, we'll be hanging outside a lot to get comfy with his new wheels.


I received an email from Fatima yesterday. Much progress has been made!!! She has purchased the truck and it is in Zimbabwe. Alleluia! It is being held at a check/entry point because it was driven in from South Africa. Also, Zimbabwe charges very high taxes to get the truck registered. In fact, the taxes are as expensive as the truck itself. I personally find this to be sickening.....and yes my gut hurts over it....but Fatima knew this and she was preparing. I love her spunk. She is appealing to one of the government leaders in her country to reduce the tax since the vehicle is being used for her orphanages which are registered. If they will not agree to lower her tax, she will have to wait another couple of weeks to get the truck because of money i. It is still all very good news. She tells me it is a Toyota Truck and it is blue. It is slightly older than what she wanted and it has slightly more miles, but I believe and she believes that this is the truck that God intended for her ministry, all along. Can you believe the time and the red tape? I feel pretty sure I take for granted how easy things can be to obtain here in the US. It is SO much different in other parts of the world. I will promise to update again as soon as Fatima has the truck for actual use....and she is planning to get us a photo also. I am currently trying to find out when I can return to Zimbabwe to visit her and all of those amazing children. I'm hoping it is July.

God bless you all!

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