Thursday, May 27, 2010

I interrupt the Big Announcement - for a Big Announcement

I received an email today from Fatima's assistant. It included a letter to me and everyone who helped. As I have changed computers, I only had the email addresses of 15 people to forward it to. There are 17 more of you whose addresses I need to get onto this computer somehow..(somehow meaning that I am swamped...not that I don't know how).

If you were a donor and did not get that email from me today, please quickly email me and I will reply back to you with a copy of the letter. otherwise, we might have to wait until after the weekend for me to gather them all.

I love you all....all who helped, all who prayed, and all who cheered me on. Our God is mighty! And He likes big blue trucks, y'all.

I love Him too.

your grateful friend,

melissa gail ishmael irwin


Erika said...

So HAPPY for everyone! What a beautiful start to summer :-)

Marcia said...

That's the most beautiful truck I have ever seen!!!! Oh, YAY!!

Sarah said...

Wow! Great truck! Praise the Lord