Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Announcement - part 5

I was selling real estate, but it was very part-time and very inconsistent. Joe was unemployed also so we had to face reality. One of us, no matter which one, HAD to get a Jay Oh Bee.

I was first.

I HATED to return to the corporate world. It crushed me. I had been working part-time since Asher had been born and I would have to return full-time to a "boss" and corporate ladder climbing beasts. Arghh...just to think about it even today makes me cringe. Some people do this and love it and it works. I have just known for decades that it wasn't for me. I got the job. I would be working for attorneys again. And while I was a perfect fit for them, they were not a perfect fit for me. Two months later Joe got a job...a GREAT one with a perfect schedule and great benefits. Praise the Lord. I stayed a little longer and 2 crazy things happened. I began to get more real estate leads and I also got pregnant with Shawn. Buh-bye corporate world. It's been real!

Don't misunderstand me, a lot of my very dear and wonderful friends work in the corporate world. They are entitled to do what they love. I just knew it wasn't for me. I desired to be my own boss. I needed to be my own boss. I thrive at being my own boss. And I succeed.

Over the years of switching from financial services to real estate to skincare back to corporate back to real estate, I have mostly heard incredibly encouraging statements of affirmation. I have had friends that think it is awesome that I am versatile and well-rounded. Many friends and associates find it interesting and maybe even courageous. But there have always been 2 voices in my head that tell me I'm wishy washy or that I don't know what I want. I even had one good friend tell me in the past that she found my job hopping to be an unattractive character trait, and she soon ended our very long term friendship. She of course did nothing like what I did. She started as a teenager as a file clerk with a company. She later advanced into management. She later married one of the sales people and then started a twin company, which she later sold. Now she is wealthy and retired. All the while, she pushed a product she knew nothing about. I respect her dedication to one job. I admire that she turned a clerical job into a fortune. That is amazing! This is what makes the world so interesting. Some people are motivated by comfort and familiarity. Some people are motivated by money. Some are motivated by creativity and versatility. And some are motivated by knowledge and intellect. Others are motivated by control (or the illusion of).

I am motivated by service. I love to teach, train and positively affect the lives of others. I am motivated by "the sky is the limit". The amount of real estate I sell is up to me. It is up to me to further my knowledge. It is up to me to provide exceptional service. It is up to me to be creative and think outside the box when road blocks pop up. It is up to me to earn referrals. Real estate affords me flexibility with my schedule during the day (at least). It is exciting and rewarding, and it is a respectable income. Even though I practiced skincare for 4 years, I have sold real estate for a total of 9 years. The last 5 have been full-time.

There is only one thing Real Estate does not do for me. be continued....

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