Friday, May 7, 2010

Serve, Rinse, Repeat

My internet and home phone services are back. Things under my roof are now back to normal, with the exception that my hubs is here too dang much. This is because he cannot return to work at Gaylord Opryland Hotel for quite some time, to be determined. We're not even sure he'll receive a salary past next month, but we'll cross that bridge through the flood waters if we come to it.

It is probably no secret to most of you that I just do things a little differently than most. This isn't a good thing or a bad thing. It is just a thing. Currently my incredible church, Crosspoint Community Church, led by my incredible pastor, Pete Wilson, are meeting daily and volunteering in the hugest way I have ever heard of,throughout our devastated communitites. They have even garnered some national attention, as Anderson Cooper with CNN was here yesterday hanging out with many of our peeps and spreading the story of our 1,000 year flood that evidently has gone largely unnoticed. I haven't been joining in the volunteer efforts with my church because I jumped into my own version of survival and serve mode. I am, afterall, down the street from such devastation. But I want to brag and boast about the incredible group of people that I call my church family. They are so totally rocking this community with the hearts like Christ. I am just so honored and so blessed by these incredible stories of all that they are doing. They have such passion, such determination, and such strength and love. It's quite honestly the dearest thing I have ever witnessed among such a large body of believers. If you haven't already, please visit my churches website where you can see some amazing videos of the past few days. Also, my pastor writes a great blog that is sure to challenge and inspire you, which you can read here. Also....while I am bragging, my pastor, Pete Wilson, just had his first book published. It is called Plan B. I just finished reading it last week. It is a great book, especially for anyone who is facing a situation in which they feel that God isn't present.

Once again, tomorrow will be a huge serving opportunity with Cross Point. Please visit the church website to find out how you can be involved. They serve, rinse, and repeat.

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