Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Announcement - part 6

I said there was one thing that Real Estate can't do for me, but there are really 2.

For one thing, in the foreseeable future, Real Estate cannot free up my weekends. Nope. Most buyers want to look at houses on weekends, understandably. And most open houses, if not all, occur on Sundays. The remaining buyers want to look at houses on weeknights after 5pm. This is all well and good in spurts, but it is not healthy to spend every weekend away from my family. I had my children on purpose, to be their mommy. My Tater Tot will be going to Kindergarten this fall. No more daytime weekday bonding for us.

Another thing real estate cannot do for me is offer consistency. If I want to work hard, I can grow wealth. If I want to relax, I go broke. I have been around hundreds of Realtors on a regular basis. We are some of the most uptight people in the world. Everything in our lives seems to revolve around our pending sales. I like to believe that I don't exactly fit that mold because I value many things in life more than a paycheck....but those paychecks are pretty important too.

I have been presented an opportunity. It is an opportunity that will ironically:
- allow me to serve people the way they want to be served
- recruit and train motivated entrepreneurs
- encourage and inspire people to grow wealth and then manage it
- teach and train
- provide a healthy clinical solution for taking care of skin
- sell
- reclaim my weekends to be a more present and mild mannered mommy
- work hard for a few years to build the business & then relax but continue to earn forever

I am so excited about what is coming up for me. I will share more details tomorrow. But for now, I am not quitting real estate. I will continue to be a Realtor because I love it, but I will work with fewer clients per year and I will refer the rest to an amazing network of other, like-minded agents. The remainder of 2010 will be a packed year for me....the scaling back will begin January 2011.

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