Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Actual Big Announcement - final installment

I am officially a new consultant for the Rodan & Fields Skincare solutions. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the world-renowned dermatologists who created the hugely popular and successful ProActive. They have created 4 other incredible skincare regiments to treat either (1) aging (2) acne (3) sensitve skin (i.e. rosacea) and (4) sun-damage.

I was skeptical at first because of my clinical skincare experience. I love these products and am frankly blown away. The doctors have created a direct selling format similar to that of Mary Kay or Pampered Chef to empower others to go out and create successful businesses. The big difference is a dermatological quality product strictly for skincare. The opportunities are endless. The format is flexible. The earning potential is unlimited. The free time is available. These products were briefly sold in high end retail stores and flew off the shelves.

So what now?
- I am seeking customers
- I am seeking referrals for people who need or desire quality skincare
- I am seeking referrals for people who want to build a wildly exciting and lucrative business
- I am recruiting a sales team

Some of the most exciting testimonies I have heard involve both men and women who tried this part-time and were quickly earning more than enough income to quit their day jobs. Why? This is new. The company is barely into its 2nd year. The earlier you enter into this opportunity, the more successful you can be and the more rapidly you can build wealth. None of which would be worth it if the products were not amazing.

I have samples.

Want some?

You can visit my 2 websites to learn more.

The product website is

The business website is

All products come with a money back guarantee. You can't beat that.

At some point each day as I ponder this new venture, use the products and discuss with my mentor, I really had a reason for leading me down such varied paths. I have been ridiculed in the past by some of my peers for having my hands in too many pots....but you know...I was always either following my heart, following opportunity, or following God. He has kept it quite interesting for me....and i cannot even begin to express the immense value and wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained up to now.

Earlier this year I was truly stressing out about what I would do....what I would have to do to change my schedule to be home with my boys every afternoon when school lets out and on the weekends. I was feeling hopeless and sad about my alternatives. It wasn't long before the kids in Zimbabwe let me know they were praying for me....for all kinds of things that I wasn't even praying for myself. When my dearest, long-time friend, Debbie, called me to tell me she had this opportunity and that it was perfect for me, I nearly fainted. After meeting with her and some others who are in the business SEVERAL times I became convinced that it is my next path.

So, that's it. I took this journey through my career history and I brought you with me because it is special to me to look in the rear view and see how God weaves journeys and crosses paths and clears the way.

I'm feeling incredibly excited and blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I have been reading everyday, anxiously wondering what you were going to do...this sounds perfect for you- a blend of all of your experience. Good luck and, if you need to refer someone to a Williamson County expert, I am your girl!!!

Take Care,
Allison Klausner