Friday, May 14, 2010

The Truck and The Muck

Fatima is in Durban, South Africa purchasing a TRUCK!!!! YeeHaw!!!!!!!! And, that's all I know. Ha. I was informed that she made it there safely. You might remember that I posted (I think) that the first time she attemtped to travel to Durban, that some of the Zimbabwe busses were hijacked and robbed. She had to make another plan....and I don't know the details. When she returns to Zimbabwe I will get more details and will share them with you then. It may be several days. It is a very long drive on poor roads so it could take a while.

I sold a condo a few days ago. This is the fastest transaction I have ever been party to. The offer came about 9 days ago and it is closing today. What a whirlwind! And it is bitter sweet because it sold as a result of the flooding. It's hard to jump up and down for those fact it is downright impossible so I am not jumping. But I am thankful for the good things that rise from the muck. Thank you Jesus for another sale, another closing, and my personal best year in real estate ever.'s only May. I am thankful and overwhelmed. Do you remember that post about the kids in Zimbabwe praying for my finances? Well, yea, those kids can pray for me anyday. :-)

My mind is still a muddy disaster. I am struggling to process and deal with the devastation around us, emotionally. When I find my peace and my words, I will promise to post. Till then, I'm seeking wisdom and the ability to comfort others.

Love to all.

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The Clicks said...

Words cannot express just how happy I am you, Melissa! Keep on truckin', girl! (pun intended)