Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Most Beautiful Thing

It is not like me to post 3 things in one day, but I cannot resist.

Before I posted this morning about the Babe and the Bird, I spent some time praying and literally bawling my eyes out. It started out to be a typical morning and I was to spend time praying, as usual. I'll admit, most of the time in the mornings I do some devotional, scripture reading and then I write out my prayer. Then I speak it out loud. I might pray several times throughout the day depending on what I'm feeling, but I rarely get on my knees. Sometimes yes, but all the time, no. This morning I felt more praying coming from within me and I started to sit very comfy in my chair, bow my head and pray as usual. But He called me to my knees. I almost ignored it, for just a second, but then I moved. Out of the comfy position into a posture that often calls me into sobbing tears. There is just something about being on my knees and bowed with the Spirit before the God of the Universe. It is humbling.

It was intense.

Moments ago my phone rang. I almost ignored it because it was a long series of numbers that looked suspiciously like something unwanted. And then it struck was Africa. I assumed it would be Fatima. She has never called me before. I have called her only once. I grabbed the phone and accidentally hung up. I called back immediately...who cares about phone bills, right? Right...that's what I'm saying.

It was the children. They are on "holiday" setting around thinking of me. It was Keldon first.....Keldon is the beautiful 19 year old I told you of in a post long ago. His parents died of aids and his twin brother did too. He had a lovely family before he was orphaned. He is the most positive and beautiful spirit. Then Sarah spoke. I was sitting in my kitchen floor sobbing. What a gift I have received today. We talked for too long probably according to ATT&T. I got to hear their voices. They were able to hear me shout out my love for them like a blubbering idiot....who cares? I am so in love!

They had me on speaker. We prayed. They asked about all of my family by name (whom they have never met). They begged us to come. They kept saying "we love you we miss you Melissa".

The sweetness that is pouring into my life is almost too much for my heart to handle.

Lord God you have blessed me to my core. You are my King. Praise you Jesus!


Elaine said...

This IS beautiful!

The Clicks said...

What a beautiful gift!

Sarah said...

Oh, how beautiful. I could see you sobbing on the floor in prayer, and then sobbing with joy after the phone call.

I tend to sob when I kneel, also. I guess it's because I save the kneeling for the "serious" praying when my heart is troubled or someone I love has an urgent need.