Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Master Plan

The past couple of weeks have brought a new experience to me in my field of work. I sell houses and condos. 99.9% of the time I am selling houses for re-sale, in other words, not new. New construction is a different beast on many levels...a beast I have been happy to steer clear of. No particular reason. Earlier this year I received a referral from a dear friend (thank you always!) which involved me representing her son in the purchase of a loft in a new construction project. This loft was completed, however. Other than using a different contract, it didn't seem all that different.

Currently, one of my buyer clients has decided to purchase a home that is in mid-construction. It happens to be a home in a historic part of town, not a home in a sub-division. Framing is completed. The roof is on. What is left are the details. Drywall is going up this week. As of yet, only cabinets have been selected which we were permitted to change....and everything else is being selected this week. Trim, hardware, fixtures, etc. We were given a peek at the "master plan". Seeing the detail of this drives a lot of things home for me. There are so many individualized plans that make up the master plan....but the architect put together the master plan first. Only then did the builders begin to pull in the other specialized tradesmen for what they could add to the overall beauty of the finished product. One man cannot build the house alone. If he attemtps the full project on his own, most probably the details will suffer. There is beauty in the details.

In this real life story of a house being built, there is a buyer who joined with a business partner and investor. They hired an architect, a builder, a general contractor....who then hires electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cabinet makers, flooring specialists, trim finishers, painters, carpet installers, designers, agents...( oh yes there are agents)... the original buyer becomes a seller and alas, a new buyer. A lot of trades, a lot of talents and skills, supervisors and consumers and providers come together to complete this master plan. And let us not forget the cost.

The Heavenly Father is the creator and developer of the Master Plan. Do you know what role you play? Are you using your gifts and talents to pull it together? Get on it friends...we gots work to do.

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The Clicks said...

What a beautiful post, Melissa! It's great you can see God in every day things. You're right - He's the master architect!

I'm wondering if this story is about Suzanne - I know she's mentioned she was looking at new a construction home. I hope that it's going well!

Also, I just caught up on the blog and your latest post about Fatima and the truck. Congrats on all of your hard work to do something so generous. You truly are an amazing person with a big heart. I'm so proud of you!


p.s. I noticed you have a shiny new blog design. Looks great!