Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Interrupt Your Regular Programming For This Important Announcement

Fatima has the cash.

I was sitting in traffic at a red light this morning and did a quick check of email on my iPhone. This is exactly how the email to me from Fatima reads:

"Dear Woman of God,

Greetings once more in Jesus s name. I stand in awe of what our lord Jesus Christ has done. The miracle finally reached us. The precious roses were $9 280. Be blessed for ever more.

I will be off to Durban tomorrow and I have given myself a maximum of ten days to conclude the whole transaction and to have the lorry in Zinbabwe. Please keep on praying for me.

love you lots,

Fatima for all"

The subject of the email was, "The Miracle is in our Hands!"

To know Zim is to also know that the mere fact she received it (ok, all but $20) is a miracle. And by the way, lorry means truck.

I praised God out loud with my mouth while driving for at least 10 minutes. Every time I thought I was finished speaking praises to Him I realized I had more and more to praise Him for. All I could really do was praise Him over and over. That was the only thing that made sense. The feeling of finishing kept coming over me and then my mouth would open again and keep going. He told me by His spirit in my heart, that I will never stop praising Him. I will never be finished with praises. I could never praise Him enough. I believe Him now.

I will continue to update you with information as I receive it. Glory to God! We will hear good news.

What is next? My fundraising begins immediately for me and at least some of my family to go back to Zim for what I believe may be one final time. I told those children I would see them again and I believe that should happen and will happen. And then from there, I need to just minister to them from here. I believe God will then send me to a region that does not yet know Jesus. And I will go. My decision now is to get passports for my children and to pray about when to go back to Zim (this year) and to find who we will serve while we are there. I will keep the donate button on my blog and ask that if you are moved in any way to help me raise funds to do one more mission trip to this region, I would humbly thank you with all of my heart. I believe the earliest we go would be August and the latest would be November 2010. It will require several thousand dollars, mostly due to airfare. My greatest desire would be to go with my husband and my 3 sons.

I am so thankful today and so relieved that Fatima received the money. I continue to be incredibly blessed and moved by all of the generosity of 33 people. What an amazing effort by each of you. How I love you! How our sweet Lord loves you too!


Elaine said...

Tears in my eyes as I read this. Praise God!! I will pray that Fatima finds the "right lorry"! And will be praying for your future mission trip. You know I love you sweet Melissa!!

julie said...

What fantastic news!!! I too just feel like Praising the Lord for this. Now I pray for Fatimas safety and wisdom in finding the perfect"lorry". Thanks Melis...your obedience and love of the Lord made this all a reality:)

Sarah said...

Hallelujah! God is good.

Marcia said...

This post gave me CHILLS!! Thanks so much for keeping us all posted on Fatima, the truck, you and GOD!!

You are so inspiring Melissa... You are truly a faithful servant of our Lord!!

Can't wait to see a picture of the truck.. and Fatima too!

Sharon said...

You know that I'm crying right now, God is so good...
Waiting for the news that Fatima has the lorry what a day that will be...