Sunday, April 4, 2010


Firstly....the money for the truck still has not been transferred. I have not heard back from Fatima since sending her 2 emails. And yes, I am worried about her. I am hoping that the only problem is just with her electricity. Electricity is very unstable in Zim. My hope is that this is our only cause for delay. As soon as I hear from her with the info I need, I will wire the money that day!

But, today is Easter. I have enjoyed two wonderful days this long weekend. (Yes I have worked also, but aside from that...) On Friday I took all of my boys to Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Yes, even my Spencer who is about to be 21 years old. We all went and played. It was just really wonderful! We spent 3 glorious hours in the sun, the dirt, on the slides, on the kiddie train, on the big jumpy thingy, drinking slushes, and so on. I am so thankful for that day with all my boys! Then yesterday with all my boys, we got to spend the afternoon at my Aunt's house visiting with she and my cousins, and my mom. Spencer brought his guitar and he jammed a bit for us. We were mostly covered by shade, enjoying the simplicity of enjoying family. It was so nice. Asher blew bubbles and chased kitty cats. Shawn snored for about 3 hours in a soft sweet bed. Spencer sang some incredible songs he has written, while I just basically sat back and soaked up the reality of my life....I am surrounded by love. I have hope and peace and joy. I have plenty of trials and pain.... but I have joy, bottom line.

In the middle of it all yesterday, a contract I have been working on was finalized and many people were happy as a result.

I've spent much time thinking about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. And I am spending much time thinking about the resurrection. The power. The glory. Taking up the cross and walking with Jesus does not promise to be easy. It does however, promise to be rewarding to the soul. I thank Him.

I'm praying for a completed wire transfer tomorrow to Fatima. I'll update with good news as soon as I have it.

Happy Resurrection Day!

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Sarah said...

What a wonderful day! I can't imagine how thrilling it must be to hear your son sing songs he's written himself.