Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Down to the Wire

I woke up this morning with a sinus headache, which is no surprise since I went to bed with one last night. I had the best of intentions to go to my sales meeting today but backed out on that due to my overall haze and grump factor. And thankfully my final walk-thru inspection for a client was cancelled for this morning so that it could take place yesterday.....and therefore, I decided not to even leave home today. Both Shawn and Asher are grumpy as well, with sniffles and some occasional snot bubbles. Mind you they are not green....but the tiniest hint of pitifulness from either one of them this morning, secured my decision to declare today a "home day". On this day I would check my email and not have anything from Fatima. Oh well....I assumed I'd have to wait one more day.

After doing a couple of hours of bible study this morning, wiping snot off of sniffly boys, and lounging in the bliss that is jammies/coffee/no shower/no bra..... I checked email just before noon and there it was. All of the info I needed to initiate the wire transfer to Fatima was right in my inbox. Honestly, I had just been trying to teach Shawn how to say "Hallalujia"....I kid you not. So then I shouted Alleluia's of my own, and he repeated...with hands raised in the air I might add.

Then I proceeded to do what any decent redneck Nashvillian would do. I put on slightly less jammie-style clothing. I brushed my teeth, but not my hair. I found the bra...good. Asher put on his Titans jersey with unmatching britches. I threw a clean t-shirt on Shawn, but not any shoes....and we drove to the bank. And yes, we all walked in. And then we were all sent right out because something wasn't working today. I thought - "damn you Satan". Ok, I "thought" it, I did not "say" it. So, we went to another branch....and it is done. Everybody repeat after me with hands raised....HALLALUJIA!!!!!!!

It will take approximately 4 days for Fatima to receive the funds....and so yes, we'll have to meet right back here for another Hallalujia celebration in a few days just to be sure.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the other day that another sweet friend of mine, GW, tossed in $25 on the last day! I had already calculated it but had forgotton to post it. So yes, I sent $9,300. There were fees involved to do this which I paid separately so that Fatima could receive every penny. So, we'll be eating bread and water for the next few days....(oh i exaggerate slightly)....but it's all worth it.

I deeply hope this experience whether participating or by reading, has blessed you as much as it has blessed me. I am so thankful for every moment of it. I can actually laugh at myself now for being so chicken at the beginning of this when I began to reach out to everyone for help.

In the next week or 2, we should have a photo of the truck. I cannot wait.

God is at work. Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome God we serve...
I'm so blessed to partner with you in this... my heart is overflowing with thanks to God. I can't wait to read your blog the day Mrs. Maruta actually has a truck in her possession, Oh it will be a huge day of praise.
Hope you & the boys are feeling better today. Love ya

Sarah said...

Hallelujah! (I've got both hands up.)

Marcia said...

Oh YAY!!! Hallelujah for SURE!!! Can't wait to see pictures! :-)