Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Babe and the Bird

Yesterday morning was quite special to me. It wasn't anything really out of the ordinary as my days events go, but it involved something a bit more precious....a little twist to the sweetness that I encouter each morning as my little boys wake up.

If you are connected to me on facebook you might have seen my status update yesterday morning. It was this:

"Asher was still in bed when I walked past his room. He said "Momma will you come in here and give me some snuggles?" he motioned for me to get on my knees next to his bed and asked me to cover him with my snuggles. After a minute I said "is that what you wanted?" He responded "yes momma, that's exactly how I imagined it". My sweet Tater Tot was imagining momma snuggles. My life couldn't be more blessed."

Asher and Shawn have matching beds. They are platform beds so they are slightly lower to the ground. I can get on my knees next to their beds and lean over them. Somehow I can manage to hug them (cover them) from head to toe, maybe like a momma bird does for her chicks. I guess in all honesty, it is one of my favorite postures.
But the sweetest words from Asher, that he had "imagined" it just really effected me so deeply in my heart. I'm so blessed that while he has the gift to imagine, that I have the willingness to respond. I know this isn't true for all little families. Sadly.

You know I love my birds. I am faithfully keeping their birdhouses full of seed and I get to enjoy visiting birds to my favorite window early in the morning as I sit in preparation for my day, and then again in the evening as they return for supper. I've talked about the birds a lot, and I continue to learn from them as God is teaching me to see them as creatures in relation to humans, as humans are in relation to God. Well sorta....but it sounded good. But I have a new bird. He doesn't really seem to have any friends. I've noticed so many of them travel in pairs. This one, he is kinda red. Of all of the birds, he does one thing none of the others do. He comes all the way to my window, perches up and peeks in. He stares me in the eye and tilts his head slightly. He seems awfully furry to be a bird, but I have decided he is my favorite. I look forward most to his visit and when he shows up I put down whatever book I'm holding and I just turn toward him and smile. I can't help it. He is brave and courageous. Or perhaps he is just hopeful, but whatever he is.....he draws near to me and I like him very much for that. I favor him.

I'm so blessed for the visions God gives me. I believe fully it is the spirit within me that says Melissa...look out, pay attention, we're teaching you something you won't want to miss.

I imagine the Lord God covering me in His love and protection. Everytime I ask Him for comfort He is right there, without fail. He moves my spirit to know He is there...there is just no other way to describe it. Like Asher desires my covering, I so desire this from Christ. Someday when we are together in the Heavenly realms I believe He will smile through His loving tears and tell me how pleasured He has been to know that I have been imagining it all along.

I believe too that maybe sometimes He sees me as the lonely furry bird occasionally brave enough to draw near to Him in search of His smile. And He will weep with me as I am weeping now.

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Sarah said...

How amazing! I've never had a bird come look at me that way. Maybe it's because God knows how you love birds. Maybe God is talking to that bird when he comes to your window. I think that happened to me once with a dolphin. And another time with a horse.

I love the picture of Jesus' tears over your imaginings.