Friday, April 9, 2010

30 Chicks and 2 Dudes

That is how many people contributed to the truck fund for Fatima. YeeHaw!!!! And if I do say so myself, chicks rock!

No word yet from Zim. But I can verify that the funds that were being held in my account are definitely GONE. Buh-bye.

Thank you to Laura, Laura, Laura, Laura (ha yes 4 Laura's), Susan, Tracy, Tracy, Sandi, Vickie, Misty, another Susan, Connie, Sharon, Julie, Sandra, Pam, Julia, Cassie, Lisa, Gina, Kerri, Pat, Elaine, Camille, Marcia, Holly, Karen, Sarah, Melissa, Michelle, Monty and Joe. most of these chicks have hubbies who were fully on board too....praises be!

If I fail to do a blog post soon about my bucket list....somebody remind me. K? Thx! Happy Weekend!

Also, if I am so lame as to have forgotten to mention anyone in the list above, please tell me. I don't want to forget anyone!

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