Monday, April 5, 2010


I just got off the phone with Fatima. My whole body is shaking with joy. It is 7:20am here and about 2 or 3:20pm there. I was worried when I woke up yet again without an email response from her. I have been truly worried about her, as it has never been like her to take so long to respond.

I searched through the documents that she sent me a long time ago about her organization and finally found a phone number. I have no idea how much that call will cost me, but at this rate I don't care. I heard her VOICE!!!! she sounded not only like she was in Africa, but like she was under water in Africa with a bag over her head. I could barely hear a word.....but I heard enough to know that she A) will send me the swift code to her bank tomorrow (B) that she loves me I am an angel of God (C) and that they are dying for me to come back to Zimbabwe this year, (D) she basically asked God to bless me, my family, my children, my friends, my grass, my trees, my shoes, my name it....she has declared for me to be blessed in God's name. And she knows full well that more than 20 of you made this happen. I plan to organize a list of names to send to her so that she and the children can be praying for all of you. Trust will be prayed for.

So, the money still sits in my account, but that's okay becuase I have learned that my friend is well. And I got to hear her precious voice. I think it is funny that I am begging to send it to her but she sits calmly there, not begging for it to be sent. She is amazing. Please pray for Fatima today.


julie said...

Hi Melis...I'm so relieved you finally talked to Fatima. My prayer for her is when she goes to buy that truck, The Lord will find her one that is more than she could have asked for or imagined!!! Thanks for your willingness to serve on behalf of these children of God.

Elaine said...

So glad Fatima is ok and I am praying for her. Can't wait to see the truck God has waiting for her to pick up.