Saturday, June 27, 2009

Under The Table and Dreaming

Ok, I stole this title straight from Dave Matthews, but I just couldn't resist.

Yesterday, I woke up and got the boys up. Before our day started, as usual, I was sitting at the table where my laptop seems to reside these days, checking email and facebook. I knew that Shawn was climbing in and out from under the table, but realized after a moment it got awfully quiet. As my lucky charms would have it, the camera was sitting right beside the laptop because I had uploaded our park pictures from the day before. I grabbed the camera and peeked under the table to find this bundle of preciousness just hanging out. Take a look. Oh.My.Stars.I.Love.This.Face!!!!!

It is a crying shame that his sweet toes didn't make it into the picture. Look at those yummy little legs. I tell ya what.... I'm ridiculously rich!

Don't forget to scroll down and see our other photos and videos from this week. Happy Weekend!


The Clicks said...

What a gorgeous photo! So precious! And, I love the headline...gotta love some Dave Matthews! ;)

Sarah said...

Rich indeed. And so are we, because you share these everyday joys. Thank you!