Sunday, June 21, 2009

The King of Our House

I married an incredible man. And I'll be honest....I have never deserved him. He is remarkably consistent. He is gentle and fair. He is funny and adorable. He is genuine. He serves from his heart. I knew when we married that he would always balance me. I'm often high-strung. He is at-ease. I worry. He chills. I spend. He doesn't. I verbalize. He internalizes. I love, randomly. He loves, with purpose. He is my solid-as-a-rock, BEST friend. I am occasionally, his worst nightmare! I need him and treasure all that he is. I'm not sure why or how he needs me, but he says he does...and I am so grateful.

When we married...we didn't plan to have children. I already had Spencer...and he rocked. Enough!

We changed our minds...and along came Asher and Shawn. Joe is Daddy. He is unbelievable. He works hard, plays hard, serves hard, loves hard.....he is just simply an amazing Daddy. I absolutely love to watch him love our boys and watch them love him right back. I cannot think of a better example than Joe is to our boys.

I wish we could treat him like the king that he is. I wish we could spoil him rotten today and crown him and dress him in a royal robe. He holds our entire family together and that alone is worth everything. He wouldn't want the crown or the robe...but he deserves them. I thank God for Joe as my best friend, my hubs, my rock and most defintely for the planned and purposed father of our precious sons.

Jesus loves Joe. Joe loves Jesus.

I'm blessed.

Happy Father's Day!


Calfzilla said...

This is a great post, Melissa! I love to hear a wife's heart toward her husband. Thanks for sharing!

Love ya, Elli

Melissa said...

awww...twinnie----this was soooo sweet to read. Gosh, I think even I love Joe after reading this. LOL What a great little note to him---and maybe to you in the future as a reminder of the treasure you have in him----of how much you value him. Awesome!