Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Bummer!

It's Summer!

I'll just get this out there. I don't love summer. I didn't even really love it when I was a kid. I can remember elementary school coming to a close every June and could feel my heart seize up like something was strangling it inside. I didn't want to come back to a new classroom, new classmates, and a new teacher. But more than anything, I didn't want to go all summer without seeing my friends.

Some of my best memories of my life are of being in Arkansas for a couple of weeks each summer as a kid. I got to play with my cousins, ride go-carts, ride 4-wheelers, eat pizza, and have slumber parties. Some of the good memories include watermelon patches and fun at the ballpark. I was boy crazy and the ball park had a lot to offer.... (if I'm being truthful).

The dirt in Lake City, Arkansas was more like sand. And it got everywhere. And the grass was not soft and lush. It was more like weeds and thorns, with little sticky burrs. I would get so hot and so tired and eaten by bugs, but when I would try to return to the comfort of air conditioning and a little TV, my grandmother (Ma-ma) would aim a weapon utensil at me and make me go back outside. It was always the worst kind of defeat. There was nothing I hated worse than going back out into the heat, dirt and sticky burrs. I would have much rather watched "wrastlin" or Guiding Light with my Ma-ma.

I still hate the heat. HATE IT! But what I hate most, is that I don't have the endurance and tolerance that would lend so much fun for my kids. I can't run around the yard and play baseball because it is miserable to me. I need shade.

I'm so busy these days with real estate and I want fun things to do with my kids when I am...but somehow avoid the heat of the day, outdoors. Yes we read books and do some art....but that's about the limit to my creativity. If you have any great ideas you could share with me....throw em at me. I need help!

Calling all creative moms! Please....


Melissa said...

Oh Twin M, we are so twinny on this.....I need shade. I love how it looks when it's sunny and 99* outside, but I just feel like a slug. I live in the early mornings and late evenings in teh summmer....the other times of day I'm an indoor's to a mild summer and/or increased tolerance for heat for us both.

Tracy said...

come on over next week and we'll come up with something! a hose pipe goes a really long way for entertainment around here! :)

Marcia said...

I am right there with you on the summer thing! I can't take it. I actually start feeling very depressed when the long, hot days just drag on and on. Like Melissa said, I get up early and treasure the early hours before it gets SO hot. I spend alot of summer afternoons with the curtains closed and the AC on "stun"... Hang in there...

Oh! and dark, cool movie theatres would always help. When my kids were little, I did that as much as I could afford to in the summers!