Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Day in Snapshots

I made the decision yesterday to bail out on a lucrative gig today so I that I could play hookie with my boys. We needed a summer day. I could have spent the day in hearings at the property tax appraisers office, but they had plenty of hearing officers to cover the day, so instead, I did this...

Shawn is walking in the lush greenery of the Burns Splash Park in Kingston Springs. Of course, you will see no actual splash, because my batteries for my camera died....but I did capture Shawn heading toward the playground, above.

Below, I captured Asher playing peek-a-boo with me on a superbly fun climbing aparatus.

Today, I learned that Shawn can sorta say "swing" and he apparantly knows sign language for it to. He impresses his momma all the time. And by the way, he LUVS to swing!

After lunch and naps, and a battery exchange for the camera....I snapped this sweet one watching Elmo. I took 15 photos trying to get him to look at the camera....and he would have nothing to do with here's the sweet profile. I kiss this sweet cheek frequently...surprised there are not permanent imprints of my lips.

Meanwhile, this one was hogging the camera. Seriously....this sweetest Asher Tate just doesn't take a bad photo. Are we loving the swirly cow-lick right in the middle of his forehead? Seriously...what a curse!

Have I mentioned that this boy rocks my world? Oh yes, indeed, he does.

And lastly but not leastly.....I FINALLY got Shawn to take his eyes off of Elmo for one minute, and this is the look he shot me! He appears to be in shock that I would disturb the most important moments of his day. Well, EX-CUUUUUUUUUSE ME!

This has been a good day. Praise Jesus for precious sons!
OH, and P.S. I did also get to see my Spencer today so it was tripley fantabulous!


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What gorgeous pictures of Asher! They are both beautiful. Glad you had a fun day with them.