Sunday, June 14, 2009

Social Networking Brain

I have learned to love Facebook. I have reunited with old friends and made new ones. I can know more about what is going on with some of my family. It is good.

This past week, a person in my neighborhood posted on facebook that she needed help with something. I went and helped her. Were it not for facebook....she would most likely have not had the response that she had. Others helped her too. She would never have asked me for help. We live in the same community but we really don't know each other well, and it's doubtful that she even has my email address. But we are connected on facebook. It worked.

I have obtained some new clients through facebook. Yea, that rocks.

I update my status daily, sometimes morning and night. I love writing a couple of sentences about what is on my mind. I love that I can share something funny or sweet about my kids, make comments about work, or share a prayer or a spiritual reflection and proclaim my love for Christ. I love that there are exchanges on these comments and that I can engage with others about what is on their mind, also.

It's easy. It's freeing. It's impactful. It's challenging. It's engaging. It's community. And occasionally, it is friendship....true friendship. Sometimes it is utterly hilarious.

But it is affecting my brain. I am beginning to "think" in facebook. It cracks me up. I can be driving around town and see something or think of something...and a status update comes to my mind. I can have a conversation with Joe, and a status update appears in my mind. I can be in the floor playing with me children...and oops...there's another status update. I can drive clients around for the hundredth time showing them the 200th house, and whadaya know....another status update pops into my mind.

I am "thinking" in facebook. And I'm aware of it.

I didn't think I was addicted. And I don't think I am. But I'd like my brain to go back to "pre" status-update related thinking. How did I process my thoughts prior to facebook? Hmmmmm....... not quite sure. Odd.

Do you have facebook brain? Or Twitter brain? Just curious...


Tracy said...

your transparency is so beautiful! i totally agree. we know that satan is the master of mind control and will use anything and everything to turn our minds to each others activities to keep us away from our LORD....please, God help us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ! 2Cor. 10:5b

when can we get together? :))

The Clicks said...

Yup, I admit it. I think in Facebook and Twitter updates. In some ways, perhaps it is good. Maybe it makes us more aware of our thoughts and it gives us a channel for sharing how we feel. I think it is also a great mini-diary so we can remember some really great moments that we might otherwise forget.