Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Shawn

Today is Tuesday June 9, 2009. It is 2:30pm and you are upstairs in our home on Bridgewater, sound asleep. You had a busy morning at pre-school. When I picked you up today, you shouted HI and you waved your hand to me, and reached out for my embrace.

I love you.

You still do not speak many words, but you have perfected "hi", "bye", "bite" and "no". "Bite" means you are hungry for a bite of food...and let me tell you, we hear that one ALOT. You sing many songs with your hand motions and you make brilliant animal noises. You dance with quite an impressive rhythm.

I love you.

Your snuggles are magical. Your 22 pound body is small for your age, but I love that at times, you still feel like a baby. Your kisses light up my life. Your smile sets my heart on fire. You determination to learn and your motivation to do things on your own give me hope that your life will not be as difficult as I once thought.

I love you.

Your sign language blows me away. Your personality is wild and precious. Your energy is exhausting. Your sounds are music. Your face on my face, resting in unison, is my hearts treasure.

Man, I really love you.

You make me want to be the best mommy I can possibly be. You make me want to fight and march and sing and shout and love and give and hurt and serve and fall down in exhaustion for you. You make me want to play and search and hide and seek and find and spin and climb and swing. You make me want to whisper and scream and laugh and cry. You make me....happy.

I love you and I love your brothers and I love your Daddy and I love Jesus and I just want your life to be sweet. You are the definition of sweet.

Thank you for fighting in my womb to stay alive. Thank you for everything that you try. Thank you for adding immeasurable joy to my heart.

I deeply love you.



Anonymous said...


You are so sweet and express your thoughts in such a beautiful way. I truly enjoy reading your blog. We have got to get together. Scott has baseball for 2 more weekends and then we are free. L, Katherine

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful my sister. As is Shawn. Love you. Elaine

@B_rewster said...

Thank you for this great post. Shawn has an awesome mommy. He is a lucky boy.

DEb said...

This made me cry....tears of JOY...a mama's joy!!

Calfzilla said...

Are you trying to make me cry or what? That was so precious.