Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Fall from Cool

I do not recall where I was the other day, what I was doing, if I was alone or in a group, if I was home or on the road. I don't know. But I heard the popular expression "fall from grace". We all know what this means, right? A fall from grace suggests someone has possibly been misbehaving or just can't seem to get back on track. It is just an expression. Of course, there is a very serious side to this expression, too. We all fall from grace and rely solely on God for his new mercies, everyday. But I'm not here today to be all grace-filled and spiritual. I'm here to mourn the loss of my coolness. I used to be hip. I used to be cool.

I have fallen from cool.

It is so sad.

I weep.

How did this happen? How? When? Where? Why?

Dang, if ya'll could see my closet you'd know exactly what I mean. My most popular rags are my potato sack dresses, my camo sweats/shorts, my speedo sandals, and a variety of solid colored simple shirts with absolutely no style, no flattery, n.o....c.oo.l.

If you could see my makeup drawer, you'd see a pair of tweezers, and eyelash curler, 3 tubes of mascara (almost all dried up) and some tinted sunscreen. I have no cute hair clippies, no headbands, no pretty scarves, no fresh blushers and all my lipsticks would be better suited in my waste basket.... my un-cool waste basket woven of twine or some heavy straw that I doubt even the birds would find useful for the nest making.

I dress like a worn-out mom on most days, and a struggling Realtor on other days. Even my church is casual. But I do always bathe.... this is a plus, in my opinion. That's a lie. I don't always bathe.... but I'm good for 6 days of the week, usually.

I feel like I have been totally abandoned and betrayed by my cool. Where did it go? Is it ever coming back? Are my kids hiding it from me? Maybe they stole it, cuz they definitely do have a lot of cool, I've noticed.

I'm pretty sure Joe didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of my cool. If you could see him dance, you'd back me up on this.

Good-bye cool. I don't know if you ran, if you escaped, if you were snagged, or if you simply evaporated....but I miss you....a little. My life is still sweet even though you don't seem to be a part of it....but if you'd like to come back and visit from time to time.... I'd be open to spending some time with you and getting to know you again. I think we could still be friends, even though I love Jesus and sometimes you and Jesus don't seem to make sense in some circles.... I think we both know that He is the ultimate in cool....especially considering all that He has done for humanity. Just think about it.

If you ever want to find me, I'll be here.... you probably won't recognize me, but to be clear, I'm the completely un-cool one hanging out in Bellevue searching high and low for any traces of you that might have been left behind..... yeah, I'm that one.


Peggy said...

At some point in our life we realize we have traded "cool" for "comfortable in our own skin" meaning we like who we are and we are what we are - you've reached that.

Melissa said...

I'm so with you, M. I have to say that even though you say all these things, I think you are the ultimate cool friend, sight unseen! LOL

Tracy said...

So great for so many reasons! As always, you Rock!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I can relate. Especially to the bathing thing. Ever since I had Allyson--who is no longer a baby by any stretch of the imagination--I sometimes go two or three days without a shower. I'm just so darn busy. Hopefully I don't ever stink!

datri said...

This made me smile this morning. I can certainly relate!!