Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For mother's day, Asher's classrom decorated tiny flower pots, and with my precious flower pot from the magnificent Asher Tate, I was given a bag of seed. Sweet.

It took me about a week to get around to the little, dirty project. I filled the small flower pot, delicately decorated with haphazzard brush strokes of paint, and painted buttons glued around the rim, with potting soil. Dropped in the seed. Added water.

Whadaya know? Things began to grow. Such is the case with seeds that are sown, nurtured and nourished.

I see my sweet little flower pot several times a day. It is in my kitchen window. It truly begs to be re-potted into a larger pot now, but then it wouldn't be in my window anymore. It craves the sun. It leans and stretches toward the nourishment of the sun's rays. Occasionally I have to rotate the plant because too much leaning and stretching in one direction makes it all lop-sided.

A child of God is truly the same. A planted, nurtured and nourished seed, leaning toward the Son of Man, stretching out to reach His robe (power), longing to bloom into His likeness, and turning every direction to share His beauty.





I'm a dirty little project, but He continues to nurture me and always gives me what I need, when I need it.

....... here comes the Son ~ do do do do ~ here comes the Son and I say, it's all right..........

(yes...pun intended)

My retinas may have been slightly damaged in the making of this blog. I hope you appreciate the trouble I go through......and as always, thanks for reading!

Comments welcomed and appreciated!


Peggy said...

ok you continue to amaze me - I wish I knew the place you go to in your mind for your inspiration. You should be a writer - I'd be first in line to buy your first best seller!

Melissa said...

from one dirty little project to another, I DO appreciate you sacrificing your retinas.

Tracy said...

What a great photo. . . it doesn't even look real! Well worth your retinas, IMHO! The rotating can be so painful but so rewarding.

Sarah said...

You are so amazing at seeing analogies. What an awesome picture of the sun! Until I read your comments about it, I figured this was a professional shot downloaded from somewhere. Wonderful!