Monday, July 27, 2009

The World is Rockin

Today, a blog that I follow very closely is shedding some sadness over a young baby's severe heart defect. Baby Stellan is not doing well today and my heart is heavy.

I have several...way too many friends, going through divorce. There is pain in the air.

One of my dear friends is trying to love on her family with all of her might, and they just keep stabbing her (metaphorically, of course). An actual flesh wound, might hurt less.

I keep studying and studying the scriptures, and just as is true of the way and word of Jesus....He encourages us to persevere through all of these trials. And to love people.

I had an online chat with my sweet friend, Sue, in Zimbabwe about me going to serve again, either in October or November. I am on pins and needles. I need to raise so much more money, but I have received a little more than 1/3 in pledges so far and am just blown over with gratitude for the loving and generous "senders" in my life.

This is Asher's last week at his precious school. This makes my heart want to crack in half. He seems to be taking it pretty well........ while I am tormented. We just do not have the budget to keep him there. We're hoping he'll get to go into public pre-school.....but we are STILL waiting to find out. If not.... Asher will be having special adventures with me until he starts Kindergarten next August, 2010.

In other news....Asher got to meet some "real life" football players last week at his school. They came from one of the local private highschools. He has been in football heaven ever since then. He is only willing to wear his football socks, and one of his 3 football themed shirts. It's a bit dramatic, over-the-top obnoxious and annoying.... but it is still very cute. I see his precious face as he is looking through his closet to find something that would make one of the "real life" football players proud. His face crumples a little when he realizes that he does not have a football heavy wardrobe. I sense that he is already feeling the pressure of impressing others.....and for a 4 1/2 year old to be feeling this way....and acting it devastating. We're not keeping up with the Joneses, and I was hoping he wouldn't notice. Love just has to overcome. We just have to be rich in love.

Shawn's words are increasing. He can say "cow". And finally.....finally praise be to God, Shawn can say "momma". He can say "cheese".....well, sounds like "tease". His classroom is called "busy bees" and Shawn can say "bees". He can say "hi da" which means, "hi daddy". He can say "nigh nigh" for night night. It is all so beautiful and remarkable.

And speaking of's a word that is resting in me this morning:

Philippians 4:6-7 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

I am praying this not only for myself, but mostly for all of you...whoever you all are.....that the peace of God will literally consume your hearts and your minds, and that you will be content regardless of the circumstances you face. I am praising God today for peace. Not the idea of peace, but real peace.

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Sarah said...

He says momma!!! Oh, that's so wonderful. I love the way he says so many other things in a unique way, but you can understand. There are only a few words that Allyson now pronounces funny (like stoon for spoon), and I'll hate to see those go.

That passage in Philippians 4 is one of my favorite memory passages, and it has given me peace so many times. It has transformed my mind.