Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday we took the crib apart and moved it out. Asher and Shawn have been sharing a small bedroom for a long time. Asher sleeps in a twin bed and Shawn in the crib. When I was pregnant with Shawn, we bought the kids matching twin beds. They were on sale at Pottery Barn and I knew I wanted them to share a room, so to avoid the "no longer in production" headache, we went ahead and bought 2. We have been using one of them in our bonus room as a little guest bed/daybed deal. No more. We have moved both beds around in the bedroom and now have more space in the bonus room for toy action. Shanw took a successful nap yesterday afternoon, and also had a great nights sleep last night. Above is a picture of his first nap in the bed. (The matching quilt cover is STILL in the washing machine!)

Shawn likes to chill when he wakes up. He will easily relax, awake, for 15 minutes before he decides he wants to get out of bed. I like that he likes to chill. I slept on the sofa last night so that I would be able to hear if Shawn got up in the middle of the night and decided to cruise the pad. Without bars holding him in, who knows what he might do. Luckily, he did nothing but sleep. He woke up this morning and I heard he and Asher giggle a little. Then a few minutes later, I hear a loud "HI" coming from the top of the stairs. I ran to the stairs and yelled "HI" right back. My sweetie pie was just hanging out, looking around, feeling big. (Shawn can maneuver the stairs very well, but I didn't want him to try it in a state of sleepiness).

I went upstairs to get him and change his diaper. I walked into the bedroom and saw Asher just laying there (his bed is in a new position) with a huge grin on his face. He was just "happy". I think he really enjoyed being snuggled by Shawn in an unexpected early morning visit.

Change is big. It can be. We fear change because of the unknowns. We fear change because it is letting go of the "old way". We fear change. Change is intimidating. And, change can be hard work.

But change can also be freeing, instead of letting go of the old, it is embracing the new. Instead of becoming complacent, change is refreshing and energizing.

Is there anything you need to change?


Sarah said...

What a great perspective on Shawn's new bed. I was so sad when we took Allyson's crib down (happy, too, but sad that she is not a baby any longer). Yes, it is exciting to see your children growing up.

I thought it was particularly sweet that both boys woke up so happy.

Tracy said...

oh my--- this is so coming to our house! right now i'm holding onto that crib----wild man just started sleeping all night in it.....your boys are too, too precious! i love that they are snoozing together!