Monday, July 20, 2009

In Color

Today me and the tots, we had an adventure. The highlights might have included a leaky boy poo accident, but no worries, I didn't take pictures of that. And yea, I know it's gross.......but I am here to share the truth.

The weather here in Nashville has been amazingly comfortable over the past few days. I heard it was a Canadian air mass that moved in.... and let's just say, I'm loving me some Canadian air right about now. The boys are thankful too cuz it's difficult to get momma to go outside in the heat.
Love to all!


Peggy said...

Beautiful pictures!

Tracy said...

Hey, I was born in Canada. I am so glad you love our air!! Pictures are great. Esp. the second to last one. So awesome!

Melissa said...

sweet boys!!