Monday, June 30, 2008

Stanky and Sweet

Last night after church, our family went to Sonic. This is something we almost never do. Joe is a chef, so as a family, we are blessed to have him cook dinner for us almost every night, since he no longer works nights. (thanks honey) Anyhoo.....last night I just thought it would be nice to grab a burger and give Joe the night off from cooking. Asher always contemplates the perfect meal to order, right down to the choice of beverages. Last night was no different. He did however decide to try to place the order himself. As soon as the order was placed, Asher yelled (trying to be heard in the speaker) ...."I need a stanky bread sandwich". I kid you not! That child.......where does he come up with this stuff? A few weeks ago, we were out somewhere (can't remember where) and Asher decided he needed to use the public restroom. I recall that it was a clean public restroom, and that there were a few women in there (he's 3), and out of nowhere, Asher announced, "Mommy I don't want to potty in's stanky in here". There is that word again. I can only tell you that he didn't learn it from us.

To switch from "stanky" into something totally is a video of Shawn (less than 1 minute), learning how to climb down off of furniture, without falling. I'm so proud of his progress. He is so stinkin cute........not stankin cute.....StiNKIN cute! Enjoy.

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DEb said...

Your boys are SO STANKIN CUTE!!! I almost can't stand it!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!