Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keeping up with the Big Bucks

I simply could not resist this play on words! Our next door neighbors are The Bucks. Literally, their last name is Buck. Well, we love the Bucks (the human ones and the green ones)...but in this case, I'm talking about the human ones that live next door.

Here are a few reasons we love them and feel blessed to have them as neighbors:
  • they are sweet
  • they are fun
  • they have a beautiful son named Grayson who our Asher adores
  • they have us over for burgers
  • they have loaned us their push lawnmower while ours is being repaired
  • they don't have wild parties (well....when they do, we're invited)

Well, the Bucks recently must have had some extra bucks laying around, because they bought sweet Grayson the mack daddy playset you see in the photo above. The problem you see where they placed it? Just on the other side of our fence (aka border, boudary, brick wall, road block, prison bars). This photo was taken from my back door, on our patio. When Grayson is swinging, you can actually see his head rise up above the privacy fence. This is the FIRST thing Asher sees when he walks into the backyard. It is also visible from the bonus room window and our great room window. Of all the places in their back yard, you would almost believe the Bucks intentionally chose to torture Asher (and us subsequently) by their placement decision. Now, I'm positive that was nowhere in their minds..... but seriously....(insert your own string of foul language here).

I've never worried about keeping up with the Jones' before.....but now that the Bucks have obviously proven that they love Grayson more than we love Asher, we are gonna have to keep up with the Big Bucks. Not today....but soon. Asher is pitiful and its becoming a source of drama/trauma around here. Ha!!!!!!

Sorry Bucks.....I know I opened up a can of worms......we do love you, but I'm not brining over a pan of brownies anytime soon. : )


Lori K said...

Oh My Gosh - that is one large Play Thing. That thing probably did cost BIG BUCKS. Tax stimulation check, maybe!? College savings fund?? I'm guilty of being VERY practical with our $$ so I just don't know how to comment on this - maybe you guys will be invited over for play dates on the big Play Thing, instead of burgers! ;)

Melissa Irwin said...

Mrs. Big Bucks sent me a hilarious email this week. She has offered me an endless supply of brownies, and the open invite for Asher to come over any time to play on this monster...even if they are not home. (SO SWEET!)

Asher is learning a bit about patience....and so are we. Asher seems to be content now with going to our neighborhood swimming pool EVERY DAY....... so, we can do this thing. We can overcome the jealousy of the Big Bucks!

For the love of money is the root of all evil..... but loving the Big Bucks brings us joy!