Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What the?

Ok......I don't know how this happens or what the remedy might if you know please tell me.

Over the past 3 days, I have not been able to post comments on some of my favorite blogs. There are some blogs I love to read and they are very interactive, so in many cases, posting a comment is critical for me to get the most out of the messages in the blog. I have discovered that when I post a comment, it doesn't show up. I sent an email plea to two people to let them know, in a desperate scream...."H E L P M E , I CANNOT POST A COMMENT".... only to discover that I had ended up in their spam/junk files. WHAT? HOW COULD THAT BE? I am neither spam nor junk (amen!)

So what have I done, or what has been done to me for this to be the result? I haven't added any programs.... I did sign up for twitter...did this somehow interfere?

For now I am at the mercy of bloggers willing to seek me out in their spam file (yea that'll last a minute and a half!). Let me tell you what it feels like..........has anyone ever asked you a question but then when you open your mouth to answer, they cut you off??? are talking on your cell phone and the person on the other end starts saying "hello....can you hear me" and you can hear them......but they just do not hear you and then they hang up. Or, how about when you are in a large group and you have a comment and you raise your hand but never get called on! If you are a talker.....(i'm just saying).....this can feel like death, entrapment, bound and gagged torture.

I am a victim today.... a victim of being labeled undeservingly as S P A M! I feel like someone has written spam across my forhead in bright red letters. I feel like my comments have been tagged as useless/nonsense/garbage/crap/boring/blah blah blah. Oh spam gods, please release me..........I don't know who else to turn to...there are no magic de-spamming buttons.........please spam gods, surrender to the one and only GOD. GOD, please smash them and let me speak. I'll be nice.

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Pete Wilson said...

I'm committed to helping you get out of the gutter!