Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cute Butts

It's difficult not to comment on cute butts in my house. Shawn's butt is forever high in the air as he does his perfected bear walk/run. If you haven't a clue what I am talking about, you'll need to watch a previously posted video.

On the days that my boys don't get out of the house, Asher runs around in his underwear all day, and sometimes just without undies at all, if he has gone potty but waited to address the need for assistance pulling his underwear up. (It's funny to me that he can just play without underwear on and not think about it).

I just got home after a long day of work (good long day). I've spent several days this week working, away from my children. Right now I'm relaxing and my boys and their little butts are running around making me very happy and very thankful to be their mommy. They are the reason I work so hard.

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Lori K said...

That Shawn is just too precious.......AND he is too fast!! His little butt can go a mile a minute......CUTIE!!