Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shawn digs 80's music

As promised, another video. It is pretty self-explanatory. I tried to edit it down, but somehow failed at that. It's about 3 minutes. You need to at least watch through the part where I turn the music off and then turn it back on. You'll love Shawn's reactions.....both reactions.

Enjoy...and hey....don't be afraid to dance a little. It's good for the soul.



DEb said...

OH MY GOODNIGHT!!!!! That is, BY FAR, the cutest little boy I know what Kyla means when she talks about him!!!!! I LOVED his little fingers spread apart and hands wide open!!! He knows exactly how to dance!!! What a joy you have, Melissa!!!!

Michelle Brinson said...

He is absolutely too cute. Okay, it's not possible to be too cute, but I could just eat him up. I have the same kind of reaction when someone turns off a song I love too. Thanks for sharing these videos. They just bring joy to my heart.

Tracy said...

Too precious! I admit, Jackson and I danced along! :) Jackson loves the 80's as well, (surprise, surprise!) Jackson saw Shawn and said, "Look Mama, Baby!!" He is amazing, an soo HAPPY!! Keep 'em coming! Love you! xoxo

The Clicks said...

Too cute for words! That just made my day.