Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Video Bonanza

I don't really know what Bonanza means, but it seemed appropriate to just fall off my fingers at the keyboard. But basically what I'm sayin is.....I think I'll post a video every day for at least a week! Why? Because I just uploaded 13 videos from my Flip and somebody needs to see them.

I'll admit, they are mostly Shawn. I only have one video where Asher is the spotlight, and that precious video is 16 minutes long....so I do indeed love him muchly. For now though, Shawn is growing and changing so much that I'm just trying to capture as much as possible. We are so excited to see the many things he is doing, and doing well!

Here is a video from last night, where Shawn is learning to chase Asher around this house with his extremely brisk bear walk. He occasionally stands up and takes some very brave steps. We think he'll be walking within a month....(yay Shawn!). Here we go.....enjoy:

Stay tuned for much much more...and as always....if you ever hear of someone who is having, or recently has had a child with Down syndrome, please direct them here for some peace of mind. I'd love to offer encouragement.

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Anonymous said...

That boy is precious and his bear walk made me lol. You're such a wonderful mother to him!