Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Fear of Being Too Tall

I go to church early on Sunday nights to greet. Joe drives separately with the boys. The boys always ride home with me, in my car. It's usually Ashers idea, and I always oblige.

Tonight in the car on the way home we passed a fire station and the truck was "out". Asher got so excited and stated he could drive a fire truck when he gets a little bigger. I agreed and encouraged him. He freaked out and told me with much emphasis on the drama, that he in no way wants to get big. He sounded like he was fighting back tears...and truly....I was fighting back tears because I feel his pain. i don't want to him grow up either

Asher: Mommy, I just want to stay little forever. I want to stay at home because I just love everybody.

Mommy: Yes Asher, I know honey....

Asher: I don't want to be big mommy....what if I get to tall to fit in daddy's jeep?

Mommy: Oh Asher, you'll never get so big that you can't ride in Daddy's jeep with him!!

Asher: Well, Mommy, I just want to stay little because I always want to be a little boy. I don't really want to drive a fire truck. I want to stay little and stay with you.

Mommy: me too precious too


Pete Wilson said...

He could end up like me and just get older but not taller!

The Clicks said...

Too cute!!!!

Holly said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but that is the cutest thing I have heard in a while and I needed a good laugh today. I am looing forward to reading more about your beautiful family. What a precious boy.