Friday, June 6, 2008

learning is fun

I have been struggling with my children's pre-school situation.....or lack thereof. Both have been on a waiting list for a year, for a school that takes a balance of typically developing children (aka normal) and children with special needs. I really desire for both Shawn and Asher to do this together. It is a GREAT school. The problem is....the waiting list is pretty treacherous. We think maybe they might get to begin in October, but that isn't definite.

This past week I have decided that Asher needs a true learning environment so badly that I have decided to "home pre-school" him this summer, so as not to wait too much longer. We started yesterday, and he had a blast. He was sooooooooooo excited and so proud of his accomplishment...that this mornig, it was the first thing he wanted to do. Well, it wasn't the first thing mommy wanted to do, so we waited until Shawn took his nap...and we started to roll. Asher blew my mind. He immediately recognized a letter that he learned yesterday. He also did much better today with left vs. right. It was so fun. Asher is such a sponge...and I'm actually digging it too. How could I not enjoy it when Asher keeps saying..."what am I going to learn NEXT mommy?" What a precious joy he is.

I need to brag about Shawn too, for he has learned so much in the past couple of weeks. His latest knowledge comes in physical form.....he can CLAP, wave BYE-BYE, slap a high-five, lean in for a KISS, stand up and take one step, climb all the way up the stairs (fast), and is beginning to inch back down the stairs. He will throw a ball to us and is beginning to say the word "ball" (his first), and he can touch my nose when prompted. There is evidence that his brain is making brilliant connections.....what a blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having so much fun with your little ones. I had fun just reading about it! That's so great!