Friday, May 1, 2009

"It's A Good Day For The Trees"

It is so dark and dreary outside now. With rain pouring down so hard on the car while I'm driving myself and the kids on a 20 mile trek back to our home, thunder and lightening leading the way....from the backseat of the car, the sweetest Asher Tate said, "Mommy, it's a good day for the trees."

What sweet words!

Asher could have said any number of negative things about the rain, how he wouldn't get to play outside, or how the thunder scares him, or even complain about how long it was taking us to drive home. But instead, his focus was on the positive...."it's a good day for the trees."

We're not alot unlike trees. We come in all different shapes, sizes and varieties. We're planted, often in places we have no choice about. We thirst for something nourishing and life giving. We crave the light of the sun and how it makes us feel. We are seeking a flock.....for us it is friends and family. For the tree, it's the birds of the air. We provide shelter for our children and our families. The tree provides shelter for squirrels, cats, people, and other critters.

And most of all, we all have those dry, treacherous days where we are just praying that the heavens will open up and pour out all over us...quench our thirst and drown us in nourishment.

Today, it is not just the tree that has been poured on. I have been poured on. I have been loved, fed, nourished, and I have been allowed to bloom and flourish. I am so grateful for the rain in my life when it comes. Momentarily, it seems dark and dreary, but quickly I am renewed.


Sarah said...

I've been longing for the heavens to open up and pour all over me. Thank you for these wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

I spent Friday morning w/ a lovely 67 yr. old lady that I'm just getting to know. While I was inwardly grumbling about the rain she too kept commenting on how much the trees were loving this rain & weren't they the most beautiful shades of green!
I'm reminded that God looks at how we respond to everything in our lives, even the weather...
"Word of God speak won't you pour down like rain..."
Sharon J.

sarah in the woods said...

I love it when one of my kids says something so unexpected to brighten my day.