Friday, May 29, 2009

And The Winner Is............

I am noticing so much these days, between people. This is a competitve world filled with many people having competitive spirits. Some of us are competing for recognition. Others, compete for praise. Some, compete for love. Many, many, many, compete for power and authority, titles, ranks, and money.

What are we trying to win? Really? What is it?

If I sell more houses than my colleges, I will win recognition, stature, clout, credentials, money, popularity. If I win more friends on facebook, then I win more friends on facebook. If I win an argument, I win....what? If I win the lottery, I win more responsibility, more expectation, more friends, and probably even more family, along with more criticism and judgement.

If I win a contest, I've made someone else feel bad for losing it. If I win a trophy, or a ribbon, or a plaque, I win documenation that I did something well or I even did something better than others.

If I win American Idol, I get to be owned by Simon, Fox, and whoever it is that gives the winner a lousy deal, and a shot at fame. If I win fame, I win the scrutiny of the public eye, paparazzi, critique, and a spot of Oprah's couch.

I don't want to be the winner. I don't want to be better than you, out-perform you, out-sing you, have more money than you, have a nicer car than you, live in a bigger house than you, have more friends than you....I don't care. I wish nobody cared.

Life isn't about winning. The bible says we are supposed to encouarage one another in love. It doesn't say we are supposed to work hard to outdo each other and gain more recognition. The Bible says we are to humble ourselves and serve others, and be good stewards with our money, our resources, our tools, gifts and talents. Nowhere does it say that the winners go to Heaven. Nowhere.

Wouldn't it be nice if all of the world and every individual and every heart existed on a level playing field, and no one felt inferior or superior?

That place, my friends, is Heaven.


DEb said...

I LOVED this post (and for the record, I ALWAYS read your posts too) and I sure wish everyone was like this...NOT wanting to be "the winner"... we have A LOT of that going on in this world. I can't wait for HEAVEN!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why some people want power and authority over others when they dont even like those people. what's the point?! isn't pride wierd?

Anonymous said...

Well said my dear sister. I'm reading a book about landmines in the path of a believer, and pride is #1. Love you. Just me......E

Pete Wilson said...

So true. I'm going to steal this for a message. :)

Melissa Irwin said...

Take it, brother.