Sunday, May 17, 2009

It Isn't Rocket Science!

No, it isn't rocket science. It is brain surgery.

I've used the expression many times when I have tried to figure something out that should be simple..... "I should be able to do this, it isn't brain surgery". I guess we say that because brain surgery is far beyond most of our qualifications, whereas, we should be able to figure out how to play with a toy designed for a 3 year old.

This week, one of my dearest friends on the planet and her teenage son are not playing with toys. They are not trying to solve a puzzle or construct a model airplane. This week, Chris is having brain surgery.

5 years ago, the family was in a car accident at a new, awkard, unclear intersection. Christ was ejected from the vehicle, and in all honesty, the fact that he is alive is remarkable. Not only is he alive, but after months of therapy and rehab, Chris relearned how to walk and talk. This entire experience has been difficult and at times, heart-wrenching for the family. They have also celebrated many joys and accomplishments. On Tuesday night, Chris will graduate from high-school.

I can recall seeing Chris walk into church for the first time after he completed his rehab. That was before his momma was one of my best friends. I was overcome with tears and a brief session of sobbing. Since that time, his walk and his speech have so greatly improved....he is made of remarkable strength and determination. He has never given up on anything he has desired to do.

Chris' biggest challenge today is that he does not have control over the movement of his (left?) hand and arm. This makes even tying his shoes a challenge. For almost 2 years, the idea of having his brain stimulated in surgery to correct this problem has been denied. Finally, he will have his chance. The day after he graduates high-school, doctors will work diligently to repair what is not communicating properly between his brain and his left arm and hand. This could make the difference in his future career, and even whether or not he can live independently.....or rather, whether he can wear shoes with shoelaces.

If you are praying this week, please remember to say prayers for Chris and for the doctors God has gifted to perform his surgery. Please pray for such a blessed outcome that Chris will be able to hold his arm steady, and that he will desire to lift his hands to the Lord in praise. Please pray that Chris be aware of God's presence and the immeasurable span of God's love. There would be nothing better than a full recovery and all glory given to Chris' creator.

I will write an update about the success of Chris' surgery as soon as I know. Thank you for your prayers.

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