Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Village

Asher has quite an imagination. As I sit here typing, I can hear him upstairs in our bonus room making sound effects. Occasionally, I hear something drop, or clang, or bang, or crash. He is such a mess boy! He has had a fascination with trains since his "hello world" debut. It helps that we even have a train that comes through our community. We can hear it far off in the distance, just enough to get excited about it, but not so much that it disturbs us. We lift him high above the fence so he can see the top of the train on its journey to the station.

Asher has many toy trains and train tracks. He is constantly designing a track, and utilizing un-track-related toys to enhance his structure. It really blows my mind. I believe that he could have a future as a metropolitan tram-system plan designer. But then again, he could also have a promising future as a wall artist, or a brownie taste-tester. I can promise you he has no future as a back-up dancer. And he probably would not survive in an environment where he must be quiet and respectful of other people's space. sigh

Recently, Joe walked into the bonus room, expecting to find a new track design covering every inch of the floor. Instead, Asher had been hard at work constructing a village out of books. A massive village, with houses and stores and churches and schools and parks and playgrounds. When I was summoned upstairs to take a look, I literally lost my breath at the site.

I love that no matter what Asher does, he seems to be focusing on the big picture. He takes it all in and includes everyone. His imagination involves community and extends to the masses. I think he is such a cool kid. And not to mention, everything he builds, he says he built it for Shawn to tear it down. After all, Shawn is incredibly gifted at knocking things over and throwing the pieces across the room. Come to think of it, Shawn may have a bright future as a wrecking ball operator!


Anonymous said...

It takes a village! And Asher has already figured that out! I love you and your family.....just me.

Sara Ross said...

As an occasional blogger, I found your comment on Anne Jackson's post about idols encouraging.

I like what you are doing with your Wellspring Fund.

Melissa said...

I loved reading this. What a beautiful appreciation for your boys' special gifts---made me smile. I'd like to find success someday as a brownie taste tester. There has got to be an opening somewhere for that, right?

Sarah said...

What a cool village he built! And how wonderful that he doesn't mind Shawn tearing it down.

Tracy said...

that is so cool! ....i love your insight!